About Child Sponsorship

Where does the money go?

100% of the money goes towards the child. Yes, 100%. At the moment, the money only goes towards paying the school fees of the children. If you would like to contribute to their health needs (such as regular check ups), or to food, and other necessities, then please let us know and we will be more than happy to facilitate this for you. The money goes into our charitable account, and our fabulous volunteer staff on the ground in Kenya make sure the money goes towards school fees for the sponsored children.

How will I know that my money ends up in the right place?

We can forward you the reciept/s showing that your money has paid for your sponsor child's school fees.

What do I get out of sponsoring a child?

Many people are wary about sponsoring as they wonder what difference their money really is making. Please remember, you are not only contributing to the education of a Kenyan child, but you are also letting that child know, through your continued support, that someone out there cares for them. In November 2018 we had an Australian girl meet her sponsor child for the first time, the sponsor child (who is raised by her mother) broke down in tears when they met and wouldn't stop hugging her. She told her mother: "there is someone out there that loves me more than my Father does." This simple gesture, makes the world of difference to a child in poverty. You will also receive updates (via email) on how your sponsor child is going. If you wish, you can also communicate with your sponsor child via letters and gifts (even visit them!). We are more than happy to facilitate this for you.

How do I choose a sponsor child?

Go to our Sponsor a Child page to see images and stories of all of our sponsor children. Choose one you would like to sponsor and pay for their school fee's through direct debit - it is as easy as that!

How do I pay for my child?

Just click on the 'Sponsor' button underneath the photo you want to sponsor. You can pay via Paypal, card, or via cash in person. We will also need your contact details for communication with your sponsor child, so please make sure they are provided, either in the PayPal form, or via email. You can pay by installments, or a once-off lump sum amount.

What if I dont want to sponsor anymore?

Of course we encourage you to sponsor a child for as long as possible, but we understand that sometimes you will no longer be in a financial position to do so. If this is the case, we ask you to please send us an email informing us of your decision so we can make sure your sponsor child is then sponsored by someone else.