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Please read about our projects in a nutshell! See the photos in our Project Gallery.


It’s believed that roughly 10 million people in Kenya—about a quarter of the population—are food insecure, according to the Food Security Portal. We help by partnering to create:

  • School nutrition programs

  • Sponsored food donations to families in need

  • Education of vulnerable families on the importance of health


Education is a right. We are working for education for all in the face of poverty. Many families just cannot afford to send their children to school. CMEP empowers communities by:


  • Paying the school fees for children who cannot attend school due to financial reasons

  • Developing a Special Needs Centre, which you can read more about here

  • Presenting an annual scholarship in memoriam of Brendan Thompson

  • Buying school uniform for children who cannot afford them 

  • Educating families on important topics such as hygiene and caring for children with special needs  

  • Introducing a Sponsor Child Program


The health infrastructure in rural Kenya is especially underfunded. ​In Kajiado County where we operate, 22.73% of the population is underweight for their age, and only 48.94% of children aged 12-23 months are immunised. We help in our partner communities by providing:

  • Mobile health clinics in communities underserved by hospitals

  • 'Days for Girls' menstrual kits to girls in need, that can be reused and last up to three years! 

  • Training programs that focus on the hygiene habits of a healthy home

  • Mobile sight and eye clinics for children and communities

  • Multi-vitamin health program for the children who attend school

  • De-worming students


Empowering the people in rural Kenya with the tools they need to earn an income is key to CMEP's beliefs. We help by:

  • Buying local traditional jewellery and selling them in Australia, returning the profit to the original jeweller

  • Employing local community members in short and long term job opportunities 

  • Small grants hand-outs for struggling families 

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